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How we work


Children under our care play and learn in small groups alongside our well trained staffs.. That is how we want to run our preschool here in Storängen. We have a maximum of 16 children and four teachers who chose to work in an environment where there is time for all children in the group. Learning is based on the children's need for development and challenges, and the parents' wishes that the children have a safe and harmonious everyday life. The activities at preschool are inspired by Montessori pedagogy. It's a lot about encouraging the children to create themselves and stimulate all the senses. As a teacher, it is our task to give each child the opportunity to develop at their own pace. Being in the fresh air is also a natural part of the education. Behind the nursery is "a Meadow" with large lawns, forests, own playhouse and playground. Here we spend a large part of the day, all year round in "out and shed". Wednesdays we bring fruit and eat outside. Then we also have our Mulle activities for the elderly and Knytte for the smaller children. Other days of the week we go out for lunch and are out for the rest of the day. 

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